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Happy First Birthday to Us!

Posted on 30 April 2017

Wow. This year has flew by and Mint Pop is already one year old! Opening up my own business has been challenging, yet its been so rewarding at the same time. I am learning new things constantly which keeps me on my toes and always striving to do better and be better. I'm not where I want to be yet, but it's all apart of the journey, right? It all is possible because of my customers. You guys are the best EVER! This year a lot has changed and now that we’ve been around for a solid year, I think it’s about time you all get the inside skinny about this shop, my values, and goals. 

Since last May, we have moved from a small town in NY to the city of Boston. “We” is my boyfriend and I. I’ll talk about him later :). I absolutely love this city, but I’m bound to head back to my roots (eventually). I’m a huge family person and I love my sisters and my entire family in general. I’m one of 20+ cousins and we all grew up together. This shop wouldn’t have been possible without my supportive family. I get my entrepreneurial blood from my dad, my dedication from my mom, and the best sidekicks a girl could ask for as my sisters. My customers are THE best and I also couldn’t do it without the support of the people that are behind this madness…

As soon as I got the crazy idea to open up my own business, I texted my cousin, Catherine, to possibly model for me when I get all my merchandise shipped in. She said yes without hesitation (probably thinking what the hell I was doing). She has spent countless hours with me outside in the freezing cold (literally, 30 degrees in a romper) and outside under the beating sun on the hottest day in the summer (in a knitted sweater and pants nonetheless), patiently modeling in front of the camera I still had no idea how to use. She probably is the most patient person I’ve met. Never, ever complained. She willingly came with me to my first trade show in NYC and she even drove all the way up to Boston to help me with my first market. She’s the brunette one plastered all over my website! She really has been the most supportive person to me this year and I can’t thank her enough. Love you, Cath!

My sister Allison is my accessory goddess! She was super patient with me too and even though she’s not a picture gal…she did it for me. She’s the blondie on the accessory page. Even though she’s my younger sister, she gives me level headed advice and always tells me how it is. She may just do it for the new Facebook profile pic though, but whateves ;)

My friend Cassidy helped me out with photos for our holiday collection. She has a knack for things like this and knows how to work it. She works doing social media and content creation for a handful of companies. After all, she is the insta-queen! Thank you, Cassidy!
Last but not least, my boyfriend Kyle is my backbone and also the backbone to Mint Pop Shop. He has been so supportive and helps me out whenever I need it. Really…whenever I need it. I get home and see that the outdoor lighting is juuuuust right and he puts his homework down to take the perfect insta photo for me. He's my photographer, helps with shipping, mailing, taxes, and always there for support and advice. He’s my #1 fan and my #1 person. What can I say, I love the guy! Thank you so much, Ky. <3 He also wants to be called the Shipping Manager for Mint Pop. So here it is. You are now crowned 'Shipping Manger of Mint Pop Shop'. Happy?!

As you can see, I have different shapes and sizes of the models on my website (and I hope to get more soon!) With a world obsessed with perfection and the "perfect body"...if theres even such thing, it’s important to me to have different body types all over my site. I am on the website if you can spot me out :) My jean size is not a size 0, 2, 4, or even 6. I bounce around from size to size every week! It's just a number...who cares! I love Mexican food, margaritas, and to binge watch Bravo on my couch all day, but I also love fresh salads, protein shakes, and working out. It’s all about balance…right? I never was stick thin and I doubt I ever will be…and I’m ok with that! It’s all about being healthy and being happy. Period. I hope I can express that through my shop for all women to feel happy in their skin with their new and fabulous clothes (and accessories!). I strive to keep my shop fresh and fun. I don’t want the my entire website to be plastered with photos of the models not having fun, with a grim smirk on their face. Life's about being happy and having fun and if you look good, you feel good...looking cute is always a plus!

Keep it positive. Keep it fresh. Have fun. Be happy. Always.

Thank you for a year full of fabulousness and cheers to many more!

*I am virtually cheers-ing you with my champagne glass right now* <3

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