About Us

About us….

Hey! My name is Kelsey DiPalmer, owner and creator of Mint Pop Shop. Our goal here at Mint Pop Shop is to make shopping for cute clothes, accessories, and gifts not only a one-stop-shop but for everything to be affordable for the bad ass girls (and guys) that work their asses off each week.

I personally am not a fan of malls. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great for running in for a last minute gift or when you have nothing to wear for that date tonight when he just asked you out to dinner this morning, but I don’t like dressing rooms, waiting on lines, or wasting valuable sunshine weather walking around a big building with no windows. That’s where Mint Pop Shop comes in! It’s convenient and has a little bit of everything.

We strive on customer service and have various shipping options to choose from when you urgently need your package in a jiffy, or you’re calm cool and collected and want to receive it in a week.

Have you ever shopped online and...YES! The delivery guy is driving toward your house. Perfect timing for your event the next day. You rush to try the pretty dress on and are totally bummed out when you turn around and your bra is totally showing from the back and sides, and if you bend the wrong way, the whole world is getting a show? Then you have to do the dreaded return process because it’s totally not acceptable to show up to your grandparent’s birthday party looking like that. Here at Mint Pop Shop, we try and give you as much information as possible BEFORE you click purchase...because hey, shopping online can be stressful when you can’t physically see it! Look for our “Style Tips* in our product descriptions. If you have a question, shoot us an e-mail at info@mintpopshop.com. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about our items!

About the name…..

Every book or article I read, it told me to not spend countless hours figuring out a name of a new business. Well, I broke that rule. It took me quite a lot of time to figure it out. I didn’t want to say my companies name countless times a day or receive packages with a name I didn’t truly love. After pages of random names scribbled in my notebook of names that just weren’t personable, I finally got it.  

Mint is actually my favorite color. If you spend enough time with me, you’ll notice almost everything I own is that mint color…everything in my kitchen...and my bathroom...and my office...and my hairbrush...and my Bose iHome speaker...yes, everything.

Champagne is my drink of choice. All day, everyday. Champagne “pops”…oh I think I’m onto something...mint...pop...shop...Mint Pop Shop! A star is born! (Holding up my notebook like Simba in the Lion King.)

To link it to fashion, I truly love being simple (and comfortable) with a pop of color, accessory, or an occasional “trendy girl” outfit. I think it’s fun to dress up and have fun with your apparel. When you look good, you feel good. *insert sunglass smiley emoji here*

...and that’s the root of the company! We hope you enjoy. We truly take pride in our products and always want our customers to be happy and knowledgeable with their purchases...and fabulous.


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